ALICE MasterClass Installation

Current (2021) Web edition - Beta 1.0 of the Strangeness ALICE MasterClass


The web edition of Strangeness MasterClass does not require installation.
Please navigate to in your favorite Internet Browser!

Note: In an unlikely case where the website above is unavailable, you can try the backup page:

Previous (2019) version - Beta 1.2 (updated 03.02.2020) of the unified ALICE MasterClass

At the moment a native Ubuntu Linux, Microsoft Windows and MacOS X version is available. The native version will not work on Raspberry Pi or similar devices (a x86/x64 processor is required). A Virtual Machine (for Oracle VirtualBox) with ALICE MasterClass preinstalled can be used on other machines/operating systems.

If you spot any problems, issues or bugs related to the provided versions, please report them to


ALICE MasterClass is based on ROOT (, therefore it requires ROOT prerequisites which are specific to your operating system.
Note: You DO NOT need to install ROOT itself as its correct version is built in the ALICE MasterClass programme. ALICE MasterClass will also not affect your local ROOT installation, if you already have one.

For Ubuntu Linux (18.04):

For Windows:

For MacOS X (10.13):

Virtual Machine:

Old (pre 2019) versions

The ALICE MasterClass application runs on Linux, Ubuntu, MacOSX systems


A Windows version is NOT AVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT (see below for the use of Virtual Machines on windows)


For the version used in 2018, click on the link below:

ALICE MasterClass application version 2018

You will get the file. Unzip in the local directory.

For the version, used from 2014 until 2018 click on the link below

ALICE MasterClass application version 2014

You will get the file. Unzip in the local directory.

You can also use the 2013 version - only small changes in the "extended" macros

ALICE MasterClass application version 2013

You will get the file. Unzip in the local directory.

The versions below are "historical" - from 2012 - PLEASE DO NOT CHOOSE THEM
ALICE MasterClass application

Then, you get the file. Unzip it in the local directory.

(new version of 20.3.2012 : the extended analysis has two data files, number 5 proton-proton and numbe 8 lead-lead

ALICE MasterClass application version of 20.3.2012

Then, you get the file. Unzip it in the local directory)

If You have the ROOT environment installed on your computer, go to the direcotry MasterClass2011 (by typing : cd MasterClass2011) and run the application by typing (still in the terminal) root masterclass.C.

Then, follow the instructions.

If you don't have the ROOT installed, you have to do it using the instructions available for:
OTHER LINUX (for example, SLC)

Note : The data files have been created using version of root : root v5-28-00f

You need version of root ≥ 28 .


If you want to run the package on windows, you can use the CERN Virtual Machines, which allow you to run Scientific Linux on any operating system.

At the CERN open data portal

you can find full instructions on the whole procedure that you need to follow:

  1. Installation of Virtual Box
  2. Creation of a Virtual Machine
  3. Configuration of a Virtual Machine